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Our Purpose

The Wedgwood Society of Washington, D.C., Inc. (WSWDC), founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2005, was formed to provide a forum in which Wedgwood enthusiasts could come together and share their common interest – Wedgwood!

Members increase their knowledge and appreciation for the history, art, science, production, and value of Wedgwood in general through ....

  • scholarly lectures
  • group discussions
  • newsletters
  • exhibitions
  • field trips
  • socials and other events
  • other related activities


Considering that some of the first ties Josiah Wedgwood had to America - more than 250 years ago - were here in the mid-Atlantic region, it is only fitting that such a group, relishing the creation of his work, be established in the Nation’s Capital. Thus, the WSWDC organization was founded to facilitate the scholarship of the subject and the enjoyment of Wedgwood in general.


Our Members

Wedgwood collectors, historians, dealers, authors, students, and admirers comprise the Society’s membership roster of nearly 300 strong. And they join us from the local region, throughout the USA, and abroad - across seven countries! Levels of their Wedgwood knowledge or activity range from novice to seasoned professional. Collectors may have a handful of pieces to thousands, spanning up to four centuries of production and covering one or more of the dozens of product categories the Wedgwood firm has produced from the mid-18th century to the present time.

Our Logo

The WSWDC logo is taken from an early blue jasper medallion depicting a “Domestic Employment” scene designed by Lady Elizabeth Templetown; from the collection of WSWDC founder, Adele I. Barnett.

The WSWDC is a nonprofit organization formed to provide information and hold events relating to the history, art, science, and celebration of Wedgwood. It does not sell, distribute Wedgwood wares, or provide appraisals.


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