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 Test Your Wedgwood Wisdom

Question # 9. 

Who designed this ink stand?


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Did You Know….

  • .…that Josiah Wedgwood I invented the pyrometer (thermometer), and that Charles Darwin was his grandson?

  • …..that Josiah Wedgwood I was a collector himself, with a passion for Conchology (the art of exotic shell fancying)? Many objects in various shell shapes have been produced by the factory from the 18th century to the current time. 
  • …..that the Wedgwood factory was commissioned in 1917, by a private USA fund raiser, to produce bone china and Queen’s Ware, called Liberty Ware, to aid in the War Relief Fund? This tableware was colorfully decorated with the shield of the United States of America and the flags of the Allies in World War I.

  • …..that at least a dozen different commemorative issues of Sandeman “Don” Decanters, in Moonstone and Ravenstone earthenware, were made by Wedgwood from 1969 to 1978? The Sandeman company also commissioned the Royal Doulton and Wade factories to produce Don Decanters from 1931 to 1960.



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