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WSWDC Programs

The WSWDC conducts a minumum of six events annually and the calendar year runs from September through August. WSWDC activities include:
  • Scholarly lectures by world-renowned Wedgwood authorities
  • Presentations by company representatives and antiques dealers
  • Members’ interactive show & tell sessions
  • Private sales, auctions, and appraisals
  • Socials and floral contests
  • Exhibitions and private home tours
  • Field trips
  • General business meetings and other special events

Josiah Wedgwoood I (1730-1795) The Father of All English Potters

Josiah Wedgwood I (1730-1795)
The Father of All English Potters

Some past lecturers have included:

  • Lynn Miller, Wedgwood Museum
  • Amanda Lange, Historic Deerfield
  • Ronald Fuchs, Winterthur Museum
  • Stuart Slavid, Skinner Inc.
  • Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Peggy Kerner, Historian & Collector
  • Lisa Ruggieri, Waterford Wedgwood USA
  • Lance Pearce, Collector
  • Harwood Johnson, Ceramics Historian & Author
  • Jeffrey Milkins, Collector
  • Keith McLeod, Collector & Author
  • Adele Ierubino Barnett, WSWDC Founder & Collector
  • The Lord Wedgwood
  • Alan Barnett, Collector
  • Diana Edwards, Ceramics Historian & Author
  • Donald Alexander, Collector
  • Peter Kaellgren, Royal Ontario Museum
  • Joyce Schwartz, Historian & Collector
  • Nicholas Dawes, Majolica Specialist & Auctioneer
  • Susan Z. Baer, ECGP
  • Margaret Burnham, Ceramics Conservator
  • Pankaj Desai, Collector
  • Pat Halfpenny, Winterthur Museum
  • Jethro Hooper, Collector
  • Danforth Walker, Collectibles Insurance Agency
  • Linda Slothouber, Collector
  • Suzanne Hood, Colonial Williamsburg
  • Joseph Bothwell, Art Historian & Appraiser
  • Doris Frohnsdorff, Collector
  • Tricia Foley, Designer & Author
  • Nicolaus Boston, Majolica Specialist
  • Edward Knowles, Collector & Decorator
  • Leslie Grigsby, Winterthur Museum
  • Tim Sublette, Seekers Dealer
  • Tina Coplan, Writer
  • Lance Laver, Architect
  • Don Carpentier, Eastfield Village
  • Marilyn McLennan, Collector
  • Brian Gallagher, Mint Museum
  • Benedict Hastings, Appraiser & Russian Arts Specialist
  • John Ellis, Collector
  • Muriel Polikoff, Specialist & Dealer
  • Michael Herman, Author & Collector
  • Paul Lauer, Collector
  • Nancy Ramage, Professor Ithaca College
  • Margaret Carney, Blair Museum of Lithophanes; Dinnerware Museum

Some of many interesting topics have included:

  • The Portland Vase
  • Fairyland Lustre
  • Creamware Fit for Queens and Commoners
  • Beautiful Rooms of Wedgwood
  • What’s New from Waterford Wedgwood
  • The Beeson Wedgwood Collection
  • Wedgwood's Uncelebrated Artists
  • The Buten Wedgwood Collection
  • Wedgwood Highlights at Skinner Auctions
  • The Two Josiahs: Wedgwood & Spode
  • Anomalies & Curiosities in Dinnerware
  • Coins and Wedgwood
  • The Wedgwood Homeric Vase
  • English Pottery and the Classic Revival
  • Wedgwood Prestige and Tea Wares
  • Journey to England and Wedgwood World
  • Wedgwood & Contemporaries at Mint Museum
  • Giant Wedgwood
  • What's Hot - What's Not
  • Japanese Influence On Wedgwood
  • The Laver Wedgwood Collection
  • Raised Decoration on Ceramics
  • Wedgwood & Egyptology
  • Dinnerware
  • Wedgwood Shell-shaped Objects
  • Jewish Wedgwood Collectors in Victorian England
  • The Art of the Wedgwood Table
  • Wedgwood References Are Not Bible
  • Invalid Feeders
  • Whimsical English Majolica
  • The Zeitlin Wedgwood Collection
  • Rescuing Ceramic Moulds and Tools
  • Wedgwood's Elite Clientele
  • Collecting Beatrix Potter
  • Wedgwood's 19th Century Artists
  • Daisy Makeig-Jones And Her Lustre Wares
  • Conservation of Wedgwood
  • Memoirs of a Half Century of Collecting
  • Trials and Tribulations of a Wedgwood Auctioneer
  • Dancing Hours
  • Innovation and Experimentation on Wedgwood
  • Ceramics at Colonial Williamsburg
  • Wedgwood & Other Victorian Majolica
  • Other Collections with a Wedgwood Connection
  • Bert Bentley's Works
  • Inkwells
  • Insuring Your Wedgwood
  • Lithophanes
  • Wedgwood and Jane Austen
  • Wedgwood Dairywares
  • Lady Beauclerk
  • A Guide to Wedgwood Jasper Ware
  • Wedgwood and the Russian Connection
  • Beyond Blue & White
  • Bodies & Glazes in the Oven
  • Wedgwood in Canada
  • Wedgwood's Top 50 Greatest Hits
  • Catherine The Great's China
  • Wedgwood's 20th Century Artists


Special Programs and Events

  • Annual Show, Tell & Ask Session
  • Annual Summer Social & Sale
  • Annual Silent Auction
  • Appraisal Days
  • Stump the Experts
  • Wedgwood Floral Display & Contest
  • Lord Wedgwood Tea at the British Embassy
  • Lady Wedgwood Tea at Bloomingdale's
  • Museum Exhibitions & Displays
  • Special WSWDC Anniversary Celebration & Tea
  • All Meetings Wrap Up with Free Wine Tastings
  • In January 2014, Lord (Piers) Wedgwood passed away at age 59. In his memory a blue jasper portrait medallion was made by Wedgwood in England. These are available for purchase at $35 each plus postage worldwide. They measure 4 3/8" x 3 3/8" and come in the Wedgwood iconic design box. Please write to for ordering instructions and postage rates.



  • In 2009-2010, the WSWDC, in conjunction with the DAR Museum, launched a five-month 'Wedgwood: 250 Years of Innovation and Artistry'  exhibition in the nation's capital. Its catalogue is a 100-page, full-color publication, featuring all the objects in the exhibit, essays by Robin Reilly and Gaye Blake Roberts, and more. To order, please post-mail your name, shipping address, phone number and email, along with a check for the appropriate amount - payable to Adele Barnett - to: Adele Barnett, 3505 Stringfellow Court, Fairfax, VA 22033-1502 USA. Offered at a price of $15 plus postage: add $4 US media mail; $14 Canada; $20 Europe, Australia, Japan, and beyond. Purchases may also be paid via; write to: for instructions.



  • In 2002, the WSWDC assembled a major six-week exhibition at the Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, entitled: Four Centuries of Wedgwood Diversity: Favorites from Capital Region Collectors.


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